Are you sure you need to start from scratch to develop a new CRM system? We've got a better idea!
Most of our customers choose our Opteamus system because of its exceptional customization capabilities.

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Our goal is to develop a custom CRM. How to get started?

You should only develop a CRM system on a solid foundation.zteni

No need to reinvent the wheel! Our Opteamus CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system has a very solid foundation. Building on these, we can build customer relationship software much easier and faster than starting from scratch.

A sufficiently flexible, i.e. customisable CRM system is the best chance of success. There is no other affordable route to development.

Let's look at a car example!

You have such a unique vision that you suddenly can't find a standard car that fits. What do you do? Would you hire a car-building shop to design and build a brand new vehicle?

I'm pretty sure you wouldn't. It is likely that developing a completely new machine will cost an incredible amount of money and time. And success is, to put it mildly, doubtful.

Your best bet is to buy an existing car and have it rebuilt by a proper specialist workshop.

Building on a flexible CRM architecture

CRM development on a flexible architecture

How to design flexibility into CRM customer relationship management?

You need to be prepared for all the differences and changes that may lead to custom development. Design almost everything to be parameterizable! Consider as few things as possible as constants and as many details as possible as adjustable!

Even a building can be designed to be flexible!

Walls in hotel conference centres can be dynamically repositioned. You can hold a large event without walls, with dividing walls for individual sections. You need to be very forward-thinking in your planning.

Let's think about the future and question everything!

Does every company call the sales process a business? No. It's sometimes an opportunity, sometimes a project, sometimes a proposal. Ergo: every name, and even every caption, should be designed to be changeable.

Does every company even speak English? Surely not. So: the system must work in any language.

Will we always calculate prices in HUF, will VAT always remain 27%? Does everyone calculate discounts in the same way? No, no and no: everywhere, everything is unique.

All of this will change over time. Must design everything to be adjustable, changeable! As we did when developing our Opteamus system.

Unique software development with our Opteamus CRM system

CRM development with Opteamus system

We develop without coding, preferably with just settings.

Opteamus is specifically designed to be flexible to implement and enhance. What we develop in a day, other workshops need several weeks to develop. We often get the job done in a few hours of consultation, using our own development methodology.

The fast turnaround is a cost savings for the company, as nothing is more expensive than a developer's day rate.

You can easily redesign any existing CRM form

You can add custom fields to any form. So we can store exactly the values you want about people, companies, sales. We can easily categorize your customers by multiple criteria

We can also define completely new forms.

Not only new fields, but also new forms can be introduced. On your screens you can have not only PRODUCT, but specifically VEHICLE with chassis number and registration number. You can have PACKAGING, WORK, DOCUMENT, STATEMENT OF TRADE with specific headings.

In Opteamus, there is a place for all the data that the customer uses.

We have customizable

We can conjure up custom lists and graphs on screens that you can use with a corporate skin. Calculated fields, offer generation, email templates, custom processes and much more are all included in the standard customization toolbar. It's a matter of needs and budget how far we go with development.

Our CRM software can be configured without programming

  • Customized CRM look and feel with your company's branding.
  • Use customized features such as authorization.
  • Manage tasks, deadlines, teamwork.
  • Define reports on tasks and sales processes.
  • Define company and business reports, statistics, lists.
  • Customizable, unique permissions system.

We offer you a highly flexible CRM system at an affordable price.

Less coding, fewer errors, faster results!

CRM development with less coding

Our consultants and developers are responsive

Large organisations, large systems and devices are inevitably slower than smaller ones. Have you ever tried to get a quote to modify Oracle Siebel, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, or SAP CRM software? We are a nimbler organization, we develop quickly, and we certainly bill less.

We work with simple settings instead of coding

The less code you have to write when developing an application, the less bugs you introduce into the system. This is why we designed our CRM architecture 20 years ago to focus on settings. With settings, you get results faster and with fewer errors.

Flexibility pays off! Less work = lower costs!

Our flexibility is striking when compared to the lock-in of out-of-the-box and classic CRM and ERP software. Our goal is to get the job done quickly, easily and with minimal developer live power. More efficient technology is the key to CRM development!

Instant solution instead of lengthy programming

Typically, we can fulfil requests very quickly. With minimal custom-programmed features and as many smart settings as possible. We can respond efficiently to the needs discussed with our customers

We have designed a Hungarian CRM system where:

  • Most functions can be controlled without coding, simply by settings.
  • Unique data, menus and structures can be easily defined.
  • Our intuitive google-quality quick search engine automatically handles synonyms and Hungarian conjugation.
  • Existing data can be imported quickly and easily.
  • The application's control interface can be used by local staff, not just developers.
  • Where program screens can be modified with skins.
  • Menus, screens, can be customized, even with new graphics and colors.
  • Switching from one version to another is not a manual work that takes days, but an automatic process that takes minutes.
  • Where records can be exported and imported into Excel.
  • Uses a customizable configurable authorization system used in enterprise systems.
  • Where sales can be used from any mobile device with a graphical browser.
  • Bilingual customer management interface.
  • Where all menus and functions can be used responsively with any screen size.
Szerző Hoppán Gergely


I am Gergely Hoppán, founder of Alpha Consulting 1996, Budapest. I am the originator of the Opteamus CRM software and still the lead designer. I have been working with enterprise databases for more than 30 years. I have led countless implementations in diverse industries for a wide variety of companies and I am proud of them.

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