Opteamus CRM software can be used immediately without any further customization - it's just not worth it.
Most of our customers choose us precisely because of our extreme flexibility and exceptional customization options.

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Flexible CRM

You can buy a standard car with a choice of colours, you can adjust the angle of the seat, but that's about it for the customisation options. In the software world, this is the equivalent of out-of-the-box software - a ready-made piece of software that you just need to use, and you can configure it yourself (if you can). Our Opteamus CRM software can be used immediately without any further customization - just not worth it.

Most of our customers choose us for our extraordinary flexibility and exceptional customisation options. They don't want a standard car, they want a unique vehicle.

Slight customisation

In the automotive world, optical tuning is when you use stickers, paint and cheap little accessories to make your car look more like home. In the case of our Opteamus CRM system, we call it slight customisation, when we change the look and feel to the customer's liking, rename some of the interface's labels and rewrite the status values to what the customer is used to. We delete some redundant fields, add some new ones.

These are quick and easy changes, but they're spectacular.

Standard customisation

Luxury car brands can also be customised, with extra soundproofing, bulletproof glass, turbochargers and unique paintwork. In the case of our Opteamus CRM system, this is not a luxury, but a standard feature. With a few hours of consultation and a quick series of adjustments, we can make settings that go far beyond just the look and feel.

We can put custom fields on any form, so we can store exactly the values you want about people, companies, sales. We can group your customers into as many and as many categories as you want. We can introduce not only new fields, but also brand new forms. In your CRM system you can have not only PRODUCT, but specifically VEHICLE with chassis number and license plate number, or CAKE with candle number and inscription, or WORK, NOTE, TASK with customized headings.

Custom lists and graphs can be conjured up on screens, which you can use with a custom corporate skin. Calculated fields, custom offer generation, email templates and more are all part of the standard customisation toolbox - it's a matter of how far you'll go.

We can create a look and feel to match your corporate identity, so that your users feel more ownership of the system. Your reputation will be enhanced in the eyes of your subcontractors and potential customers. The design of the new corporate skins, the harmony of the new colours and graphics is taken care of by the graphic artists of Dió Stúdió.

We offer you a highly flexible CRM system at an affordable price.

Egyedi CRM fejlesztés

If you are working in a very specific, unique area, you can even request new screens and new features. This is typically the case when you need an online interface to another renderer, or when you want to expand the classic CRM area into manufacturing, customer service or finance. In Opteamus, almost any kind of development can be implemented with minimal development work, as it does not have to be started from scratch.

These custom developments are obviously expensive, but they can be used to turn Opteamus into an enterprise management system.

Author Gergely Hoppán


I am Gergely Hoppán, founder of Alpha Consulting 1996, Budapest. I am the originator of the Opteamus CRM software and still the lead designer. I have been working with enterprise databases for more than 30 years. I have led countless implementations in diverse industries for a wide variety of companies and I am proud of them.

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The Hungarian Opteamus CRM system has been a flexible and efficient solution beyond garage software, but beyond tens of millions of dollars - for more than 20 years.

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